Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can improve your appearance while also providing some health benefits. If you’ve never been happy with your nose, it does make sense to consider undergoing this procedure. If you really want to look your best, it pays to consider a few basics before scheduling the surgery. Here are a few points to ponder and discuss with our surgeon.

Think About How You’d Like Your Nose to Look

Do you have a particular vision for your nose? Perhaps you think that one with a specific shape would work best. Maybe you just want the same general shape but only smaller or larger. Defining what you have in mind is important.

The surgeon who will perform the rhinoplasty wants to know what you expect from the procedure, even if your vision is somewhat vague rather than specific. While it’s fine to know what you want, go into the meeting with the surgeon understanding that there may be only so much that the rhinoplasty procedure will accomplish.

A lot depends on what nature has already given you. While it can be altered and augmented up to a point, there are limits. During that first meeting, the surgeon will provide some ideas on what can be done. You may even have the opportunity to look at some images or prototypes that are close but not exactly in line with your original idea.

Be open to them, since one of those options may actually be more to your liking than the idea you’ve been pursuing.

Consider How the Nose Job Will Change Your Life

What is it you hope to get by undergoing rhinoplasty? That’s something else the surgeon will want to know. It’s true that a nose job will help you feel more confident about your appearance. Would that make it easier to pursue your dreams for a career advancement? Do you think it would help you be more comfortable in social situations? Talk about these and other expectations with our surgeon. This will make it easier to ensure your hopes remain within reason.

Find Out What the Surgery and Recovery Involves

You already know that rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure. Do you know what to expect during the surgery? How about what you will face during the recovery period? Before scheduling anything, listen closely to what the surgeon has to say. This will allow you to prepare in advance. Do you think rhinoplasty is right for you?

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