Why should I get a facelift?

Are you thinking of getting a facelift in Fort Lauderdale? A facelift, or rhyidectomy, reduces sagging skin in the jawline and smooths wrinkles and folds on the cheeks. This cosmetic surgical procedure has been the solution for many individuals who want to achieve a more youthful, tighter appearance on the face.

What does a facelift do?

The aging process takes its toll on our faces as we age. Gravity, sun exposure, and everyday stressors like work and environmental elements can cause the skin to lose elasticity. This results to sagging in the skin, fatty deposits in the under chin, and the neck becoming visibly wrinkled. There are also signs of aging on the face, specifically around the eyes and smile lines. Overall, the skin becomes looser, less plump, and tight.

A face lift addresses significant skin sagging and creates a more rejuvenated appearance. Facelifts can address these common issues:

  • Excess skin at the lower jawline
  • Skin folds on the corners of the mouth
  • Sagging skin on the cheeks and facial tissue

A facelift does not include a brow or an eye lift, but you could have these treatments in conjunction with this main facial procedure.

What is a facelift procedure like?

A facelift is an invasive medical procedure; you will work with a certified board surgeon who is qualified to perform incisions on certain parts of the face (e.g., ear folds and along the hairline). During a facelift, you will either be under general or local anesthesia.

Good candidates for a facelift will be clients free from any medical conditions that may interfere with healing. For instance, those who tend to have bleeding may have a more challenging time with postoperative recovery. If you tend to scar, you may also want to consider other treatments that don’t involve incisions. Lastly, it’s also vital that you do not have contraindications like smoking or substance abuse.

Choosing the Best Facelifts in Fort Lauderdale

You do not have to look too far in terms of premium surgical practice. The Palmer Facelift delivers a natural, youthful look that erases years off your face. Dr. Palmer has decades of experience as a facelift surgeon in Fort Lauderdale. He is involved in every step of your journey to a rejuvenated self, without looking like a different person altogether. Dr. Palmer veers away from the unmistakable, operated-upon appearance common in the facelifting industry.

With Palmer Cosmetic Surgery, clients have a transparent, open dialogue with Dr. Palmer. We strive for a comfortable, trustworthy relationship with each client. You work with a certified plastic surgeon who understands how nuanced facelifts are and can provide an effective and realistic plan for the best results.

What Sets Palmer Cosmetic Surgery Apart

The most significant factor that discourages patients from facelifts is the recovery period. Generally, it takes weeks or even months to return to normal post-operation.

The Palmer approach uses proprietary knowledge and technique when it comes to hiding incisions and ensuring they heal as seamlessly and virtually undetectable as possible. What Dr. Palmer does is create the most precise, customized facelift incision procedure that allows for a quicker, painless recovery. Apart from that, his technique uses the best in today’s recovery systems. Every facelift procedure is performed in our accredited facility, complete with the latest IV Sedation, eliminating the need for postoperative drains and general anesthesia that prolongs recovery time. Patients are pleasantly surprised when they feel better in about a week.

Trust our premium surgical facelift practice. Your face deserves the best that science has to offer. Schedule a consultation with Palmer Cosmetic Surgery to discuss your facelift queries and custom treatment options.