Breast implant revision is performed to address a wide range of implant-related problems such as rippling, malposition, symmastia, and capsular contracture. This may also pertain to implant replacement by downsizing or increasing the cup size further to match the patient’s cosmetic goals or body frame. Following are some common reasons our patients seek breast implant revision.

Breast Implant Rippling and Palpability

This is typically addressed by replacing saline implants with silicone implants, which are noted for their more natural look and feel thanks to their cohesive filler material. To further minimize the risk of rippling and palpability, additional coverage may be provided by using specialized techniques. Patients with very little soft tissue coverage may also benefit from a biological mesh that provides additional padding to conceal the implant’s edges.

Implant Malposition

Using overlarge breast implants and over-aggressive dissection of the breast pocket are the two most common culprits behind malposition. Consequently, this problem is typically addressed by using smaller implants and repairing the internal tissue. Implant malposition takes many forms: symmastia, excessive lateral bulge, and bottomed-out appearance.

Double Bubble Effect

This happens when the implants sag past the submammary fold. Oftentimes, this cosmetic issue is improved by replacing large, heavy implants with smaller ones; and/or repairing the breast pocket. Sometimes, double bubble deformity stems from the failure to address a pre-existing abnormality during surgery. Hence, some patients require their tissue to be reshaped during breast implant revision to achieve the most natural results possible.

Capsular Contracture

After breast augmentation surgery, the body naturally produces a thin, transparent scar tissue around the implants; this is an auspicious process because it prevents inadvertent migration. But for a few patients, the scar tissue becomes a copious capsule, a complication medically referred to as capsular contracture. During a corrective surgery, this thick scar capsule is removed along with the old implants.

Implants Too Small or Too Big

If the implants are too big or too small for the patient’s liking and/or body frame and anatomy, they can be replaced during breast implant revision. For more information about breast implant revision, contact us today at Palmer Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale, FL and schedule your initial consultation.