A brachioplasty, or as it is otherwise known, an arm lift, is a surgical procedure that addresses sagging skin in the underarm area. It not only tightens the skin, but it smooths the underlying supportive tissue, helping to provide shape and definition to the overall arm. Contouring the arm, it essentially gets rid of the excess, sagging skin, and fat which can span from the elbow to the armpit.

In terms of popularity, it is one of the most rapidly growing choices in cosmetic surgery. It remarkably improves the appearance of the arm by reducing skin redundancy. Skin redundancy can make clothing fit unflatteringly, or make you feel uncomfortable in short sleeves or sleeveless clothes. An arm lift can restore the confidence of individuals who had this issue and allow them to wear short sleeves worry-free.

Is A Brachioplasty The Right Procedure For You?

People decide to undergo the procedure for a variety of different reasons; perhaps you’re fit and healthy, but your skin is not as elastic as it once was. Or you’ve had good results with an effective weight loss technique, but you’re still not seeing the tone that you’d like.

Regardless of the reason, you’re seeing a negative result; loose skin, or “bat wings” hanging from your upper arms. This can not only leave your upper arm looking deflated but your confidence also. Also while exercise and diet can improve the muscle tone in the arms, it cannot always address skin laxity issues where the skin has lost elasticity over time.

The combined effects of aging, gravity, loss of skin elasticity, as well as a possible weight loss, all contribute to an unavoidable loss of tone in the arm as we age.

Dr. Palmer’s Customized Approach

This is where Dr. Palmer can help; approaching arm lifts to meet your specific needs, a patient can rest assured that they are in safe hands as he brings his unrivaled expertise from his many years of being in practice perfecting his arm lift technique. His mission is to improve his patient’s quality of life by targeting their self-esteem by making them look and feel like the best versions of themselves.

Making it a priority to understand their patients’ goals, he customizes each procedure to meet their expectations. His approach to treating patients is a pastoral, unlimited one; he is personally involved with every step of aftercare and treatment. Widely known and respected for producing the highest caliber results, as well as inducing minimal pain, the results of his practice are monitored by an independent rating agency and are unequivocally amongst the highest in the country.

If you feel like you would like to know more about whether an arm lift is the right procedure for you, then we encourage you to contact us.