Adults that reach a certain age often choose a surgical procedure to correct moderate wrinkling and sagging of the facial skin. Other treatments such as abrasive resurfacing may no longer be effective.

Aging skin holds less moisture than it did when the individual was younger, and fat deposits that build up below the dermal layers make for increasingly visible folds and creases. A facelift in Fort Lauderdale can help create a more youthful appearance, and the advancements in this type of surgical procedure allow for a completely customized approach for each client.

Here in the Fort Lauderdale area, our clients may suffer from sun exposure for years, and this can really accelerate the aging of facial skin. After a facelift procedure is performed on them, they feel more youthful and enjoy elevated self-confidence.

Evolution of the Facelift

Decades ago, most skin surgeons performed a facelift merely by making a long incision and pulling the facial skin upward in order to smooth it out. The results weren’t always up to expectations. Today, modern methods for smoothing the skin involve smaller, strategically located incisions and the use of specialized tools to reposition or remove fat and muscle beneath the skin.

After consulting with the client and examining the size and shape of facial muscles, the shape of the facial bones, and the amount of wrinkling or sagging, our skilled surgeon in Fort Lauderdale can design a custom treatment that yields quite positive results.

The results of surgery are long-lasting, sometimes as long as a decade. In some cases, we may recommend combining a facelift with a lifting of the neck or forehead skin.

These procedures are carried out in much the same manner. It’s really all about the overall appearance of the individual before the procedure, and that’s why a consultation is necessary so that the client will understand what the treatment corrects.

Long-Term Benefits

Unlike so many other treatments, a facelift can produce positive results that last for many years. It takes quite a while for fat to build up below the skin, and the muscles and bones don’t change their positions.

Many of our clients who undergo this procedure find it unnecessary to have it repeated. Because the skin is being repositioned, we can produce a more pleasing shape to the face because of the change in the surface contours.

Enjoy the Benefits of the P. A. L. M. E. R. Lift

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