Plastic surgeons have had the ability to lift sagging breasts for decades. Repositioning the breasts has required visible external incisions. In the past, virtually all surgeons used an incision around the areola, a vertical incision to the base of the breast, and a horizontal incision along the fold underneath the breast to perform a breast lift (Mastopexy). This is commonly referred to an anchor scar.

More recently, there has been an interest in reducing the amount of scarring associated with a breast lift. Some surgeons have been able to eliminate the horizontal scar under the breast and achieve beautiful results. In some cases, the lift can be done with just a scar around the areola.

Also, it is now very common in those women who want more volume to combine a breast augmentation with a breast lift. These techniques can and do produce dramatic improvements in the appearance of a women’s breasts. The concept of performing a virtually scarless breast lift has always intrigued me.

Although I have been minimizing incisions in my mastopexy patients for almost twenty years, I felt that I might be able to improve this operation even more. I believe I have found the answer. The procedure that I have developed works best in women who have mild to moderate sagging and require more breast volume as well as lifting. It provides the best of both worlds – volume, shaping, and lifting, all done only through a standard breast augmentation incision, which becomes nearly invisible.

My patients can get the results of an augmentation mastopexy (Breast lift with implants) and avoid the mastopexy scars. While not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, those who have this operation are the happiest of my breast lift patients.