While facelifts are a permanent procedure, the surgery doesn’t prevent the natural aging process from continuing. However, it’s safe to say that the wonderful results last for many years. Exactly how many depends on several factors as detailed below.

Every face is different

It’s important to remember that we’re all unique, meaning every face has its individualities. These nuances have a direct bearing on the longevity of a facelift. A full facelift can last as long as 15 years, although a more realistic timespan (for a high quality, full-face procedure) can be thought of as averaging around 12 years.

But, as already mentioned, many aspects influence the exact amount of time you’ll benefit from the dramatic youthfulness that a facelift brings.

The technique

There are many different techniques to a facelift, including so-called “˜mini facelifts and S-lifts. In general, the more invasive the procedure (as in a full facelift) the longer you can expect the results to last.


Our genetic makeup directly affects our looks, and it also influences how long a facelift might last. The best longevity is usually experienced by those with darker, healthier skin – although this certainly doesn’t mean that fairer complexions won’t also experience dramatic rejuvenation post-procedure! It’s just that the former might benefit from an extra year or two – think the 15 years, as opposed to the 12 that we mentioned earlier as the average amount of time that a facelift lasts.

Skin condition

The condition of the skin when surgery is carried out can also have a bearing on how many years you’ll continue to notice the result. For instance, those who have a facelift before they reach the age of 60 might be blessed with longer-lasting effects than those who go under the knife later in life. This is simply due to the on-going march of the aging process that continues, no matter what cosmetic procedures we undergo or what age we might have reached”¦


This is one of the most important factors when asking how long does a facelift last? It’s also one of the ones you have the most influence over. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet, keeping your weight within normal parameters, drinking plenty of water, and taking regular exercise will ensure that your new youthful appearance will last for many years to come.

The skill of the surgeon

This is the second factor that you can directly influence – and it’s a crucial one. Without a doubt, the skill of your surgeon has a massive impact, both on how long the effects of a surgical procedure will last and how beautifully natural the finished article will be. This is the very reason it pays to choose your cosmetic surgeon with care – you should be aware that not all providers have the skills to create the effortlessly natural, young, and refreshed look that will best benefit your looks.

When choosing your surgeon be sure to ask plenty of questions, check out referrals, and ensure he or she takes into account all of the components of facial aging. These include skin quality, fat positioning, skin laxity, and muscle tone, to name but a few.

Facelifts, or – to give such procedures their correct name – facial rejuvenation surgery, are directly impacted by the expertise of the person performing them, so select yours with care.

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