Whether you like it or not, you will age. However, this does not mean that you should let it show. One area of the face where age manifests is the eyebrow and forehead region. Lines start to appear and the eyebrows start to sag.

Some say that having a healthy lifestyle at an early age can help maintain a more youthful appearance. However, it is never too late to acquire a younger look. Palmer Cosmetic Surgery offers a brow lift service that can smooth out wrinkles and lift the eyebrow arch back up. But first, why are eyebrows regarded as the key to a more youthful look?

Eyebrow Changes Caused By Age

A study was conducted to compare hundreds of photographs of people between the ages of 20 and 80. Using a computer, the facial features are analyzed. The results showed that certain features seem to lighten, sag or thin out as a person ages.

The eyebrows, in particular, seem to lose their high arches, and their hair thins out and lightens. To address the change in color, most older women color their eyebrows to a darker color and this, indeed, gives them a younger appearance. The darker color also makes brows look thicker.

Brow Lift as a Long-Lasting Solution

To address the sagging of the eyebrows, an eyebrow lift is highly recommended. It is a surgical procedure that stretches the skin on the forehead, minimizing forehead lines while lifting the eyebrows up.

After this procedure, the forehead is visibly smoother, the skin becomes tauter, and the eyebrows regain their arches. The great thing about a brow lift is that it provides a longer, more permanent solution in acquiring a younger appearance.

Drawing or filling your eyebrow with color and creating a false arch is tedious and time-consuming – not to mention costly if you wish to invest in high-quality eyebrow pencils. It is okay to let the signs of aging show.

However, if there is a safe way to make yourself look and feel younger and more confident, it is worth the effort. If you feel more positive with how you look, it reflects on everything you do.

If you are interested in brow lift surgery, contact Palmer Cosmetic Surgery today and one of our talented staff will schedule you for a more thorough discussion and consultation.