Breast augmentation procedures can give you a fuller bosom that you can enjoy for years. Through proper care – including self-examination and checkups with your doctor – you may benefit from your implants for up to 20 years after your initial surgery.

But even the best implants do not last forever. At Palmer Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Russell Palmer understands that patients may need to have their breast implants removed or replaced – also referred to as breast explanation – for aesthetic and medical reasons.

Purposes of Breast Implant Removal

For your aesthetic goals

Various factors can lead to changes in your breast shape since your augmentation procedure. Your breasts can sag due to weight loss or gain, pregnancy, or aging. In turn, the position of the implants will naturally change. Breast implant removal will be part of your treatment if you decide to have a breast implant replacement.

For your medical goals

In some cases, removing the implants is necessary due to complications resulting from the augmentation procedure. Doctors are likely to recommend breast explanation when you experience any of these conditions:

  1. Capsular contracture – is the thickening of the scar tissue (tissue capsule) that naturally forms around the implant. This tissue can cause pain as it squeezes and tightens around the implants.
  2. Calcification – is the formation of calcium deposits in the scar tissue around the implant. Like capsular contracture, calcium buildup can cause breast soreness.
  3. Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma – is a rare cancer of the immune system found in textured (silicone and saline) implants. This ailment is different from breast cancer.
  4. Implant rupture – can cause the implant to collapse quickly, particularly saline implant ruptures; it will deflate like a balloon. The risk of saline leaking from an implant increases by one percent every year. The surrounding tissue will absorb the harmless liquid. A silicone implant rupture is more difficult to detect as the gel-like material stays within the implant or surrounding tissue after the implant breaks.
  5. Rippling – happens when the implants develop ripples or wrinkles. In extreme instances, you can see the ripples through your skin, not just when you run your hands through your breasts. Implant wrinkling generally occurs among saline implant patients and people with thin breast tissue.
Breast Implant Removal Procedures

The removal technique that a surgeon will select for your implants will depend on your needs. The three methods are:

  • Simple breast implant removal – is the removal of the implant from the scar tissue capsule that surrounds it. The surgeon is likely to recommend this method when your breasts have just developed a thin scar capsule. This “pocket” of tissue will dissolve naturally over time without harming your body.
  • En bloc capsulectomy – is the removal of the scar tissue around the implant and the implant enclosed within it. This surgery is advisable for ruptured implants as it can limit infection risks and other complications.
  • Total capsulectomy – is the removal of the implant before taking out the surrounding scar capsule. The surgeon separates the capsule from the surrounding breast tissue a few pieces at a time.

Your doctor will discuss the safest procedure with you to avoid damaging neighboring organs, particularly your lungs.

The operation may take one to three hours. Breast implant removal is typically a day surgery – you can go home the same day.

What Will Breasts Look Like After the Explant?

Your breasts may be flatter or droopier and have indentations after the removal surgery. The change is most evident for women with larger implants or less than B-cup natural breast tissue. Changes that your body undergoes while you had the implants – pregnancy, menopause, weight changes – will also affect your breast profile post-surgery.

Breast implant removal typically does not entail new scars – the surgeon uses the same incisions as your breast augmentation.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?

Consider having a breast implant removal procedure if you are no longer satisfied with the appearance of your breast following an augmentation surgery. You can ask your doctor about the best procedure if you are experiencing discomfort from your breast implants.

You are an ideal candidate if you are generally in good health, have a stable weight that you can maintain, do not smoke, and have realistic expectations about the surgery.

Thinking of Breast Enhancement After Implant Removal? Choose Dr. Palmer

You do not have to settle with sagging breasts after your breast implant removal. Palmer Cosmetic Surgery performs breast enhancement to improve your breast profile after your breast explant operation.

Our clinic assigns a patient care coordinator to contact you after your consultation. We provide a cost estimate of the surgery and schedule it once you decide to proceed. Dr. Palmer performs breast explant and enhancement surgeries as outpatient procedures at our fully accredited cosmetic surgery suite in Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood.