Any surgery, even minor ones, can cause anxiety and stress. Fear of what may happen during the procedure can make anyone nervous. The same goes for cosmetic surgery. While you may feel excited about the transformation in your appearance afterward, you will likely feel anxious before your surgery.

Although it’s perfectly normal to have the jitters, anxiety can manifest physical and psychological effects. You may experience hypertension, tachycardia, or run a fever. You may also even exhibit behavioral changes, such as aggression or apprehension.

Tips for Calming Nerves Before Cosmetic Surgery

1. Get to know your surgeons and their team

One source of anxiety before surgery is the thought of being powerless at the hands of another person. Even a minor surgery means putting your life in someone else’s control. So it is important to choose a surgeon you can trust.

Aside from checking for board certifications and trainings, strive to develop rapport with your surgeon and their team. Take time to get to know them better during the pre-operative consultations. A good doctor will be able to explain the entire process to you and make an effort to gain your trust.

2. Gain a better understanding of the procedure

Often, anxiety stems from fear of the unknown. However, it can also stem from too much information. While it is important to educate yourself and learn more about the surgical procedure you will be undergoing, too much info can overwhelm you and cause more stress. So resist the temptation of Googling your procedure, lest you encounter some weird, extremely rare side effect that’s unlikely to happen to you.

Instead of searching online, it is best to talk with your surgeon or other professionals. Gather information about the procedure, possible risks and complications, and postoperative care. Ask what the process is before, during, and after the operation. Know how long the procedure takes and what to expect during the recovery period. When armed with knowledge, you’d feel more in control and more confident about the procedure.

3. Talk to someone about how you feel

There is no need to put up a brave front and hide your anxiety. Let your doctor, friends, and family know that you feel nervous, so they can give you the support that you need. Talking about your fears can be comforting and can relieve some of your anxiety.

If you are highly anxious, consider seeing a counselor for professional advice. Discussing your concerns with someone who is not directly involved with the procedure may provide you with another insight that can alleviate your worries.

4. Plan and prepare in advance

Avoid getting stressed the day before your surgery. Plan your schedule before and after your procedure well in advance. This will give you ample time to prepare everything that you need and make arrangements at work and at home.

File a leave from the office, and tie up loose ends before your official leave begins. Have your prescription medicines and medical supplies ready. Check your pantry and fridge to make sure you have enough to last you through your recovery period.

Before your scheduled date, tidy up your home and set new sheets. Place some fresh flowers, magazines, aromatherapy candles, or diffuser, and whatever else you need to feel pampered after your surgery.

5. Use relaxation techniques

There are various relaxation techniques for calming nerves. Choose the ones that you are most comfortable with, and do them before your surgery. You can try breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga. A therapeutic massage or acupressure may also help relax your muscles and calm your nerves. Listening to music, reading a book, taking a warm bath, or working on a puzzle can help you sleep better and relax the night before your surgery.

Herbal supplements are also relaxing, but you must consult your surgeon first before taking them. Some teas, powders, and natural plant extracts may contain ingredients that have adverse interactions with anesthesia and other medicines.

Get Surgery Only from Trusted Professionals

Having the jitters before a surgery is quite common. However, you shouldn’t let them run out of control and overwhelm you. To minimize the jitters, get your surgery from reliable doctors in trusted establishments, such as Palmer Cosmetics Surgery. You’d definitely feel more at ease knowing that you are at the hands of a skilled doctor with years of experience and training.