Eyelid surgery – also known as blepharoplasty – offers patients many benefits ranging from correction of vision problems to aesthetic enhancements.

At Palmer Cosmetic Surgery, we have highlighted the many benefits of this procedure to help you make an informed decision.

Improve Your Vision

As we continue to get older, our muscles around the eyes that are responsible for lifting the upper eyelid become weak. As a result, the eyelids also become weak leading to impaired vision. Eyelid surgery in Fort Lauderdale tightens the ligaments and muscles around the eyes making the upper eyelid to open more. If necessary, excess skin and fat can also be removed.

Fewer Fine Lines

Fine lines that appear around the eyes is one of the signs of aging many people in Fort Lauderdale experience. Eyelid surgery can reduce the number of fine lines which are visible around the lower lid and outer corners of the eye. After the procedure, your facial appearance will improve.

Eliminate Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

Besides reducing the appearance of fine lines, blepharoplasty in Fort Lauderdale can also reduce dark circles and under eye bags. This is possible because the procedure removes sculpt fat and excess skin, adds soft tissue volume, and redistribute excess fat around the eyes.

Removes Bulging Fat and Excess Skin

The fat around the eyes continues to bulge as we age. Excess skin around the eyes also starts to sag. Eyelid surgery removes bulging fat and excess skin by redistributing bulging fat, removing excess skin, and tightening weak ligaments and muscles around your eyes. Enhance

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If you’re not satisfied with your appearance due to sagging eyelid skin, under eye bags, fine lines or dark circles, you may be a good candidate for eyelid surgery in Fort Lauderdale. During your initial consultation, our eyelid surgeons will conduct a physical examination and examine your medical history to determine whether you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

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