When it comes to any area on the body that can give you trouble, the abdomen often ranks at the top of the list. No matter how much you target this problem spot with exercise, it can still leave you with excess flab and skin. Dieting can help you to take off the weight, but you still may not get your abdomen to trim down the way you would like it to be. If you would love to have a flat abdomen that is tight, abdominoplasty in Fort Lauderdale may be the perfect procedure for you.

Why Abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, otherwise referred to as a tummy tuck, is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery. It can be performed on men or women, but women choose it most often. It’s not a solution for anyone who hasn’t managed to get to his or her ideal weight. If you have lost a great deal of weight, you are likely to be struggling with excess skin that won’t snap back into shape on top of stubborn fat. New mothers often struggle to get their abdomens back in shape after giving birth. Abdominoplasty in Fort Lauderdale can help you to get your tummy in shape.

What Happens During the Procedure?

During abdominoplasty, our surgeon may remove excess skin and some fat to make sure it won’t be hanging around anymore. Our surgeon can also go in and tighten up your abdominal muscles. The final step may involve tightening the remaining skin. The end result is a flat, toned stomach.

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