Breast implants, or to give the procedure its official name, breast augmentation, is something that you undergo only after much consideration and deliberation. You place your trust in and partner with a skilled cosmetic surgeon. So, naturally, you want to continue to care for the investment by taking impeccable care of the finished result. The following details the steps you need to follow, post-surgery and beyond, to ensure your assets remain the beautiful body enhancement you want them to be.

Stages of recovery

Recovery can be divided into three distinct phases: postoperative, the first seven days, and the next few weeks. Let’s look at what you can expect during each and the steps necessary to take the best care of your implants.

  1. Post-operative: Because the surgery is carried out under a general anesthetic you’ll likely feel groggy for a good few hours after the procedure. You might also be a little sore, but your surgeon will provide you with appropriate analgesia (pain relief) to combat this. You will need someone to drive you home and to stay you for at least the first night.
  2. The first seven days: The first week is the most uncomfortable. You’ll experience swelling and will be required to wear a recovery bra. You should mainly rest during this period. The pain will be managed with medication – in some cases, this might be a pain pump or an injection. As the days go by you should find the discomfort decreases and you’ll be able to manage it with over-the-counter pain medication.
  3. The next few weeks: During weeks 2-8 you should be able to ease slowly back into a normal daily routine and perhaps take some light exercise in the latter weeks. Those who have sedentary jobs will be able to consider returning to work, but it’s imperative to refrain from any activity that will jar the breast tissue or that involve heavy lifting or strenuous activity. For those with labor-intensive jobs, you’re likely to be advised not to return until at least three weeks have passed.

You’ll have a follow-up appointment – usually around a few weeks after the operation – and your surgeon will assess your level of recovery. He or she will give personal advice as to how quickly you can return to normal activity.

Care tips during recovery and beyond

During the crucial recovery period and beyond the following tips will help speed up the healing process and ensure the best care of your new breast implants.

  • Select your recovery bra with care: Buy at least two, and pay attention to the fabric as well as the fit. They should be made from breathable, soft material, have fully adjustable straps, no seams, and it’s highly recommended to purchase those that have bands to accommodate post-op swelling.
  • Look after your whole body: This means getting plenty of rest, eating healthily, and – very importantly – keeping hydrated.
  • More on bras: After breast augmentation it’s more important than ever to wear well-fitting bras. This means sports bras when exercising, as well as those that provide support during normal day-to-day activities. Bras prevent gravity causing premature sagging, so make sure you get professionally fitted and purchase new bras regularly.
  • Keep your weight stable: Gaining or losing large amounts of weight can cause breasts to sag. Try to keep your weight within a healthy range through regular exercise and sensible eating. Pregnancy can be a challenging time, especially if you lose a significant amount of weight post-birth. If you experience sagging, speak to your cosmetic surgeon about a breast lift to restore your breasts to their former glory.
  • Have regular mammograms: Don’t forget this vital health check. Talk to your surgeon about how often you should be screened, and let the technician know that you have implants.
  • Moisturize regularly: Don’t skimp on moisturizer quality. Use it liberally and often to help the skin retain its elasticity.

Remember, good breast implant care starts from the minute you wake up from the procedure and continues indefinitely. A little TLC will ensure that your breasts remain the wonderful perky asset you want them to be for years to come.

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