You are hanging out in Fort Lauderdale, and you were thinking it would be nice to get rid of the frown lines between your eyebrows. You always thought these lines made you look old and a little grumpy too. It is understandable that you want to look young and happy, because young and happy is always more attractive than old-looking and angry.

You learned once that fun people attract other people who want to have fun, but if your skin is frowning back at people, that might even be just a little rude. In some circles, you may come off that way, but honestly, you can do something about these frown lines that will redeem how you come off to others.

Dysport is a treatment that can help you obtain a more pleasant look to your skin between your brows again. Before you jump into getting Dysport treatments in the Fort Lauderdale area, there are some things about this substance you should be aware of first. Dysport serves the function of being a neuromuscular blocking agent.

In simple terms, this injectable substance temporarily prevents the muscles between your eyebrows from forming frown lines. In a basic sense, it is a treatment that works for some time, but it is not a permanent solution to this problem. This means you will need to return to our office a few times a year in order to maintain your results.

When it comes to the procedure itself, it will likely only take just minutes to get through the procedure. Preparing and injecting Dysport really does not take a long time. The full effects of this procedure may take a few days before you notice a significant change has taken place. The good news is the results are natural-looking and the treatment sessions are quick and convenient.

Speak with our experts at Palmer Cosmetic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale to see if Dysport is right for you. Contact our office today to book an appointment and get started!