The road to cosmetic surgery is long – going from the idea through to the actual process has many stages to navigate. But the step that’s often most underestimated is that of recovery – the post-op experience – and one that rightly deserves a period of TLC and adaptation. For anyone who has a friend or loved one due to go under the knife, the following gifts are the perfect pick-me-up that’ll help smooth those first few days and weeks as they adapt to their new body and/or look.

  • A deluxe reading pillow: Many procedures mean lying on your back for a few days or weeks after the operation, so a gift that assists comfort will be very welcome. Facial procedures also require the head to be elevated and, during recovery, there’s likely to be more time spent in bed or relaxing on the sofa than usual. A comfortable, yet sturdy, pillow – preferably a three-sided one – provides the ultimate in supported relaxation.
  • Entertainment: Recuperation, especially for the active person, can be frustrating. Some well-chosen books, an upgraded movie/box set streaming service, or an iTunes or Spotify Premium gift card will go a long way to alleviating hours of boredom.
  • Lingerie gift card: For anyone having breast surgery this is the ultimate gift to brighten their day. Choose your store with care, as the best option is one that provides a professional measuring and fitting service.
  • Scar cream: Of course, a good cosmetic surgeon, such as the brilliant Russel Palmer M. D. , P. A. of Palmer Cosmetic Surgery, Fort Lauderdale, FL, is an expert in minimizing any potential scars. However, a gift of a medical-grade scar cream will help any marks fade even faster, and will certainly be a gift that’s well-received.
  • Great PJs: Male or female, it’s likely that you’re going to spend more time than usual in pajamas post-op – so make them count! For those who’ve had a procedure where the incision/s are at the front of the body, pick a pair with a button-up top for ease of access.
  • Jewelry: Such a gift is always a good choice, but for anyone who’s just had surgery on their face or neck area – and therefore looking forward to an increased level of confidence – then items such as a necklace or earrings are a fabulous choice.
  • A back scratcher: Not as daft as it sounds, thanks to the awkwardness of reaching an annoying itch when you’re sore post-surgery. Glamourous? No”¦ But practical? Absolutely! A well-chosen gift that’ll be invaluable within just a few hours.

Other really good gifts include ones that create a sense of anticipation, such as a spa day or a night out at a smart restaurant followed by a show. Or what about a promised day out shopping? An excellent choice for anyone who’s soon going to be excited to show off their newly glam body to the world.

When undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery expectations are, naturally, very high. Because of this, it’s vital to choose your surgeon with care. Fort Lauderdale-based, Palmer Cosmetic Surgery, is one of the country’s leading providers, offering the very latest procedures for the ultimate results.

Whichever surgeon you choose, taking your time, carrying out research, and ensuring that you’re comfortable with the clinic are key aspects of your cosmetic journey. Get that right and the procedure itself will be plain sailing, and, once recovered, all that’s left is to enjoy your increased confidence as you show off the results to the world.