Our bodies change with aging. Stretch marks, saggy skin, deep wrinkles, and flabs may appear on different body areas. As such, many are considering cosmetic surgery, and some want to know if they can combine cosmetic procedures to address these issues in one go. The good news is that combining cosmetic procedures is possible and may help patients get the best outcomes.

But when it is and isn’t safe to combine plastic surgery? Cosmetic surgeries are all performed to restore, reconstruct, or transform the human body. Thanks to advanced surgical techniques and safety improvements, combining surgeries is more prevalent now than in previous years.

While combined plastic surgeries are possible, specific parameters must still be met. You can’t just choose whichever procedures you want to combine. The selection is a detailed process that requires your plastic surgeon’s involvement. The surgeon will balance your goals with your physical and mental health.

How Safe Are Plastic Surgery Combinations?

Most combined cosmetic surgeries are relatively safe. There are numerous benefits to undergoing more than one procedure at once. That said, the patient’s safety and the treatment’s success are highly dependent on the type of surgery and the patient’s overall health.

Combination procedures allow you to address multiple areas with a single operation. Procedures often done together usually involve the same part of the body. Your plastic surgeon will determine if your desired procedures would be more effective as a combined surgery or as two separate operations.

What Are the Benefits of Combined Plastic Surgery?

Combining procedures has several advantages, such as the following:

One-time anesthesia

You will be under anesthesia once when you undergo combined procedures in a single operation. This reduces the risk of anesthesia-related problems.

Shortened recovery time

Some procedures have a short recovery time, while others need weeks to months. If you space out your treatments, you must fully recover before starting a new one. Preparing for multiple recuperation periods can be hard when you have a job, kids, pets, and other responsibilities. Combined procedures, on the other hand, can streamline your recovery, reducing time away from work and your daily routines.

Lower Cost

You will incur additional expenses such as anesthesia and personnel fees every time you undergo a cosmetic procedure. If your procedures are performed in one surgery, you will only have to pay these fees once.

What Are the Disadvantages of Combined Plastic Surgery?

Surgery, whether it be a single operation or a combination of procedures, invariably has disadvantages, such as:

Possible complications

The likelihood of complications occurring while having two or more procedures simultaneously is a critical concern. While there is no fixed time constraint, being under anesthesia for over six hours can stress the body, making recuperation longer and harder. Too high a dosage can harm you and increase the risk of complications, like excessive blood loss.

Painful recovery

Because of the many incisions, you will be sorer and stiffer after surgery, making even little movements unpleasant. You have to heal multiple parts of your body at once too.

When It Is and Isn’t Safe to Combine Plastic Surgery?

While safety is always the priority, many cosmetic surgeons consent to combining at least two procedures if you are in excellent health. Some pairings are preferable for safety and recovery than others. The following are some examples of common plastic surgery pairings:

  • Tummy tuck and liposuction
  • Facelift and blepharoplasty
  • Nose lift and chin augmentation
  • Breast lift and breast augmentation

However, some procedures should not be combined. Breast enhancement and rhinoplasty, for instance, should not be performed together. Because the breast and the nose are different body parts, you will have difficulty recovering properly.

Upon assessment, your cosmetic surgeon will tell you whether your desired combination is practical. Your doctor will evaluate your goals based on your general health, support system, and other relevant criteria.

Seeking the Right Cosmetic Surgery Facility

Combined cosmetic procedures have numerous advantages but are not suitable for everyone. To get the best possible results, you must be absolutely determined and comply with every postoperative instruction by your surgeon. Visit a board-certified plastic surgeon about your cosmetic goals to see whether combined plastic surgery is right for you. Schedule a consultation with Palmer Cosmetic Surgery to explore your options.