If you’ve recently undergone breast augmentation surgery in Fort Lauderdale, you may well be eager to show off your new beach body. Although the temptation can be great, you must take the time and care that your body will need to recover from the procedure. Having the ocean on your doorstep in Fort Lauderdale makes the temptation to head for a swim even more enticing. But you should allow for enough time to pass so your breasts can heal properly without any complications occurring. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need, so you know when it’s safe to get swimming again.

Ocean Swimming After Breast Augmentation

After Breast Augmentation surgery, patients will need to wait around one month before they can think about heading into the ocean for a swim. To be on the safe side, it’s worth waiting around six weeks after surgery before you think about heading for a dip.

You may want to consult your cosmetic surgeon and seek clearance before doing so; this will ensure that it’s safe for you to start swimming again. The ocean can be filled with microorganisms and bacteria that could cause potential infections, allowing for the proper recovery to take place will minimize any chance of an infection occurring.

Pool Swimming After Breast Augmentation

Just like swimming in the ocean, you should wait around six weeks post-surgery before you think about heading to the pool for a swim. Swimming pools can contain a multitude of different bacterias and potential toxins, as well as high levels of chlorine; it’s for this reason you need to make sure the incision sites from the breast augmentation surgery have been given enough time to heal.

Recovering from any procedure shouldn’t be a rushed process, so remember to take things slow, the pool will still be there after you’ve recovered from surgery! Once you have recovered and you’re able to swim again, make sure you dry off thoroughly after your swim and avoid leaving your incisions to soak.

Again, if you’re at all unsure whether enough time has passed in your recovery, contact your cosmetic surgeon to get the all-clear before you head off for a swim.

Using Sunscreen After Breast Augmentation

While you may be able to jump back into the ocean or the pool just a few weeks after having breast augmentation surgery, tanning can be a little more complicated. Tanning and breast augmentation surgery generally does not go well together, and it can take a long time after surgery for your breasts to have healed sufficiently before tanning is safe. This is particularly true if you’ve had breast augmentation carried out in Florida due to the amount of sun Florida gets year-round

. In the healing phase, it’s vital you carefully follow all post-surgical instructions if you want to heal more quickly and experience less pain and scarring. You really want to wait a minimum of 6 months before you even think about tanning again. After this period, you’ll want to apply a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30; this will help prevent the premature development of wrinkles, skin dryness and reduce the risk of the development of skin cancer.

Your cosmetic surgeon may even advise you wait up to a year after your surgery before tanning again; this ensures enough time will have passed for breasts to have recovered entirely.