Liposuction surgery is a common surgical procedure that’s done to remove excess fat from the body. It can be used to target specific areas such as your abdomen, hips, upper arms, and chin. By removing unwanted fat, it effectively reshapes and sculpts the body.

But is it safe? More importantly, does liposuction surgery work? Let’s find out everything there is to know about liposuction in this article.

What is Liposuction?

Carried out by board-certified plastic surgeons, liposuction surgery, also known as lipo, lipoplasty, or lipectomy, is a procedure that removes fat cells from the body. It’s one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the US.

Liposuction involves injecting the area to be treated with a solution and medicines that reduce postoperative swelling, bruising, and blood loss. Then, the fat cells are broken down using methods like a high-pressure water jet, laser pulses, or frequency vibrations.

In this procedure, a hollow instrument called a cannula is inserted in the skin through a small incision. The tube will then be attached to a high-pressure vacuum that siphons off the liquefied fat, which is then drained off along with any excess blood and fluid. Once this process has been completed, the cosmetic surgeon will then remove the tube and stitch up the incision.

While mainly used for physical appearance, liposuction surgery can also be used for breast reduction or to address certain conditions like lipoma, lymphedema, or gynecomastia.

Liposuction surgery does have its limitations. For one, it cannot treat obesity or stand as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. It can’t be used treat cellulite and stretch marks. The good news is you can undergo other surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures to address these issues.

Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction surgery is an effective way to get rid of excess fat in the body, particularly in areas like the legs, abdomen, back, and face. Results are also evident once the swelling is reduced.

However, you need to understand that it can only safely remove a limited amount of fat. It’s not meant to be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s also worth noting that not everyone is a good candidate for liposuction surgery. To be considered a good candidate, you must at the very least:

  • Be an adult within 30% of your weight
  • Not have any life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Have skin that’s still firm or elastic
  • Be in good health in general

It’s best to avoid liposuction if you:

  • Are a smoker
  • Are overweight
  • Take medications that can put you at risk of excessive bleeding
  • Have chronic or pre-existing medical conditions

Ultimately, liposuction surgery is a procedure for individuals who have made lifestyle changes for the better but who still aren’t able to lose excess fat in certain areas of the body.

What You Need to Know About Liposuction

Prior to undergoing liposuction, it’s best to consult with a Fort Lauderdale liposuction expert. During the consultation, discuss your goals, history, and current state of health. The discussion should also cover other options, as well as the benefits and potential risks that the procedure may entail.

If you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale liposuction expert, you can rely on Palmer Cosmetic Surgery to deliver amazing, life-changing results. We’ll walk you through the whole procedure, from properly preparing for the operation to carrying out postoperative care.

Liposuction is effective and ideal if you want to see long-lasting results, but its full effect can take up to six months to be evident. It’s a procedure that both men and women can undergo.

As with any surgical procedure, it also entails some risks such as irregular contours, persistent swelling, bleeding, irregular pigmentation, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. Discuss the risks in detail with your plastic surgeon to ensure that you fully understand what the procedure entails.

Furthermore, liposuction entails a recovery period that can largely vary from patient to patient. You should expect some bruising, swelling, or soreness, which will go away after a few weeks. Your movement will also be limited during this period. It may take between four to six weeks before you can safely re-engage in strenuous activities.

Fort Lauderdale Liposuction

Thanks to the advancements in the medical field, liposuction surgery has become a safe and effective way to remove excess fat and improve your overall appearance.

After undergoing liposuction, you must work hard to make or maintain healthy changes to your lifestyle. Doing so will minimize the chances of accumulating excess fat again. Gaining weight after liposuction may also alter how your fat is distributed. For example, if you’ve had the procedure done on your legs, fat may begin to accumulate in other parts of the body.

Palmer Cosmetic Surgery provides the best liposuction in South Florida. Our team of Fort Lauderdale liposuction experts can help you jumpstart your journey to confidence. Talk to us today to schedule your consultation.