There are a variety of surgical procedures that can be used to help you improve your appearance. Eyelid surgery is one of them. It has helped thousands of individuals enjoy a more refreshed and attractive appearance. Let’s take a closer look at eyelid surgery in Fort Lauderdale.

How This Surgery Can Help You

The interesting thing about eyelid surgery is that it has cosmetic benefits and medical benefits. It is designed to remove excess skin that makes you look tired and old. Some individuals have so much excess skin that it is difficult for them to see. When this skin is removed, they have a clear line of vision.

Additionally, they may have fewer tension headaches because they are no longer using their facial muscles to keep their brow and upper eyelids lifted. It is common for individuals to only have one part of their eyes worked on. For example, you may only need to have your upper eyelids addressed. Or you may have both the upper and lower eyelids addressed during the surgery.

Are You a Good Candidate?

In order to qualify as a good candidate for eyelid surgery, you must have excess skin on your upper and/or lower eyelids that you would like to do something about. You need to be in good emotional health. The decision to have any cosmetic surgery performed is a personal one. Never allow others to pressure you into having a surgical procedure performed in order to please them.

You need to be in overall good health in order to enjoy the benefits that come from this surgery. If you are dealing with serious health issues, we may be able to recommend a less invasive treatment in order to refresh your appearance and tighten your skin. We can discuss the qualifications a person must meet as far as their health is concerned when you visit our office in Fort Lauderdale.

Set Up Your Consultation

Dr. Palmer and the team at Palmer Cosmetic Surgery are happy to work with individuals who would like to address excess skin on their upper and/or lower eyelids with eyelid surgery. Our surgeon will recommend the best course of action after meeting with you and listening to your goals. Contact us today to book an appointment in Fort Lauderdale.